Friday, May 7, 2010

Blogs I Like and My To-Do List

I mentioned the other day that I found too many more blogs to look at and get ideas from. I cleaned out a few old ones that don't really apply to my life and added a few new ones to my Google Reader.
Some "new to me" blogs that are just full of fun great projects:
 There are a LOT of projects on this site that I could post, mostly involving revamping t-shirts into something less plain. The main idea I am excited about amazingly is something I read in Family Fun magazine a while back and did not file into my brain. As I was telling my sister that she would love to make these bleach pen shirts she reminded me that it had been in the magazine too. I love the combos she does of bleach pen, fabric paint and on this one even washers! So, I have a shirt or two purchased just for this on my to-do list.
From this site I have already shown an idea I liked using washers for necklaces (and have made, but not posted still!) In addition to that, I like this jazzed up version and would like to make one.
If the title of the blog alone isn't enough to like it, then the ideas within certainly are. I was lead here via UCreate (which I had also never visited before) for a tutorial for butt ruffles on onesies. Although I have made a couple (to be posted later), they are still on my to-do list for my own unborn baby girl.

 A Girl and a Glue Gun
 This project is on my to-do list. In fact, I actually bought a suitcase this week for $3 and plan to just use fabric I already have.A suitcase for dress-ups. If you click on the link you'll see how fun the outside is, and she made a girl version too. And there are lots of other great ideas on this site as well.

This girl is so cute (and tiny!) and does the most amazing refashioning. I have seen this project show up on several blogs, but I just needed to add it to mine because I think it is so cute. Inspired by this dress she transforms, on my to-do list is doing a little reworking on a red gingham maternity shirt that I have. So, look for that in the future, but don't hold your breath!

I liked the idea of "dressmaking" alone as I first saw this blog. I have had love/hate relationships with dresses throughout my life and have been leaning towards love the last few years, but have had that horrid mom tummy that doesn't go away for some of us so I haven't been comfortable wearing dresses (yeah, I eat super healthy and exercise all the time, so it's not because of that...or something). Anyway, there are also lots of ideas on ruffling up t-shirts. There are tons of ideas out there and I love to look at all of them. I just made my first one the other day (again, a post waiting to happen) and it was fun. Here's one of many she has on her site.

 I don't remember how I got there, but it was a link showing the puzzle bags below. It's a fun way to store them. I have read about the space reducing ways of taking games (and in this case puzzles) out of their boxes, but I just can't. Kind of like how I like having CD liner notes instead of just the music. There's nothing specific on the site that I want to make yet, but I liked the blog enough to add it to my Reader for now.

Those are just the new blogs I like. There are loads of old ones. I think my all time favorite is:

She comes up with such fun and amazing ideas all the time. Some recent favorites are the interchangeable flip-flops, booties for baby boys, simple headbands (which someday when I chop my hair I will love to wear again. Headbands look weird with my super duper long hair.). There is so much more - and not just sewing but decorating ideas, yummy looking recipes, etc. Totally love this blog. Like I said, it's my favorite. On my to-do list are these simple stuffed animals. I intended on making them to sell as part of our fundraiser for the Great Strides walk for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, but I am not going to get them done in time. Bummer.

And my all time favorite, the felt Mr. Potato Head. Apparently Hasbro didn't like her idea and asked her to remove the tutorial and pictures, but to those of us who subscribed to the blog via Reader, the old post is still around! Yippee! This means I can still make it at some point.
Another super duper favorite is:

On my to-do list from her blog are a lot of things: a car play mat, a quiet book (something that has been on my list long before I found her site - in fact that is how I found her site, by searching for quiet book ideas - another great one here), and a cover for my Kitchenaid Mixer. My mom made us an awesome playhouse to go over a card table and I was excited when I saw Jill's version. It re-made me want to make one.a  to go over a card table.
 Now that I have a nice camera (that I really don't know how to use and have sat down to figure it out yet), making a camera strap is a practical idea. There are a lot of tutorials out there, but I had this one saved for when I get around to it.
There are a ton of other blogs I read regularly (and I will update my list on the sidebar some day), but don't really have specific in ideas to make from them. There are also a few other blogs I don't read regularly, but have found some items to make that I bookmarked for later.
This necklace featured on Samster Mommy. Not sure what color I'd do, but I like the idea.
Here were just some general ideas/color combos on shirts that I wanted to use for reference from Lex at My Momma Made it. I like the stripes. 
Not a craft per say, but still a project. I saw this "chore chart" on Make It Sparkly (via Every Crafty Endeavor) and thought it was a great idea. I have my own variation in my head, it just needs to go from my to-do list to my done list (and maybe my kids will be better helpers?!)
This sweet portable soft "high chair" from This Mama Makes Stuff is such a great idea. Our booster seat/high chair is pretty portable on its own, but I still think this idea is good enough that I want to make one. There is also a version on Homemade by Jill)
There are other things that I have wanted to make for a long time but haven't yet. I have supplies for crayon rollsfelt boards (which I have sort of made some already), picture collages (I still have my own artwork from when I was a kid), a cute way to keep-without-keeping old childhood clothes (or your baby's clothes), and Scrabble tile pendants.

How about you? Is your "to-do list" just as long? What kind of projects do you like best? We'll see how many of these I can tackle and how many I avoid! If nothing else, I hope you find something that inspires you. There are SO MANY talented people out there!


  1. Hey Lettie, Thanks for the shout out! That's a great list of blogs and I'm honored to be on the list. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for including me on your list! It feels great to be listed among such talented company.

  3. Thank you so much for including me on your list of blogs you love. I feel so honored to be featured with some really great blogs that I also love! I hope we keep you busy with all our ideas! I really need to make that cute highchair! My little one could really use it!