Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My son is wearing this shirt right now and it reminded me that I hadn't posted about it yet. His older bro has two guitar shirts that I love. I wanted to get him one and instead just ended up buying a plain shirt to make into one. And of course that shirt went into the "to do" pile and didn't come out for a long time.
So, one morning I pulled it out and thought - ok, let's do this now. I stitched and painted it, hopped in  the shower and he had a new very awesome shirt to wear.
Taking pictures of it to share was not an easy process. He was very upset about having to just sit still and let me get one good shot of the shirt. I wasn't even trying to pose him to make him look cool or something. (He's still cool with no pose though, mind you. However, it did make me a teeny bit jealous of the seemingly easily posed and cooperative I see on many other sites.)
Elephant trunk and tusks included, here's the final thing. It might need strings, but opted to leave them off as to not muck the shirt up.
Oh, look, that's almost a smile and a better shot of the shirt. The gray part of the guitar is a shirt that I used to love to wear. I used some of it on my ruffle t attempt, which I will try to remember to post soon.

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  1. Did you just unstitch the pocket? The shirt looks great! I need to get creative and make or remake clothes.