Monday, September 13, 2010


When I saw this tutorial for a onesie dress from Running with Scissors (through Blue Cricket Design), I thought it was such a clever idea. I wanted to may a few for my baby girl and ran out and bought some fabric. I had a few questions on how to make it smaller than the tutorial, and so I emailed Jessica. She was super helpful and nice and her instructions were perfect. 
I really liked how it turned out (but just couldn't get a good shot with my little wiggler). I just used fabric paint for the ladybug on the shirt part, using the bugs on the skirt as my inspiration. I still have two onesies and fabric to go with them that are just sitting around waiting to be worked on. But even if I don't get them down, this dress was worn at least once a week for the first few weeks of my daughter's life. Most of her other clothes were still just way too big.

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  1. oh this is so cute! I love the lady bug on the onesie with the dotted line trailing it! Great job and what a little cutie!