Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magazine Sort

Ever get behind on reading your magazine subscriptions?
Or maybe you didn't pass up enough good deals on them? That's me.
And even though I have been going through the magazines to get them gone, I'm still an idea collector, a ripper and saver. And then I staple, sort and file, and sadly never usually use the ideas or look at them again. Well, except recipes.
One thing that has helped me reduce the piles of madness - a notebook. Instead of saving entire pages just for a website or interesting looking book title, I jot them all down in the same notebook. That way I feel like the idea is saved, but unlike the entire magazine or my file folders, it takes up just a tiny line on a piece of paper. And as I look at the links, try the ideas, or check the books out from the library, I can cross them off my list.
As for the rest of the magazine? A great way to keep the kiddos occupied while I sew.

1 comment:

  1. I have always had the stacks of magazines problem and now it's even worse because Carson brings several home from work for me and I really want to read them but I rarely do! I should be more honest with myself and just scan the article titles, skim a couple and then let the kids rip up the rest (such a fun picture!)

    So we're going to be in UT for Thanksgiving, will you be around? I'd love to get together and make baby girl headbands or something.