Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lace Headbands

My daughter has started protesting against wearing headbands. I put them on and she pulls them right off. This little charade reminded me that I never posted the headbands I have made. I'm using the term loosely, as really it is just a piece of elastic lace glued together. 
 I'm not into big bows and flowers and prefer something much smaller (even that black bow is big to me) ot nothing at all. My sister has 3 daughters and gave me a simple white lace headband when my baby was born. On it was a small loop of ribbon so that, if desired, a bow could be attached and I could mix and match. I have only made one set of bow clips (the brown above). I have supplies for more know how I work. ;)
If you are wondering at all, the place I bought the elastic lace is called Lace Heaven. I know some people don't like the lace look, so there is always the option of buying soft fold-over colored elastic (which I would love to try!). I learned about it on one of my favorite sewing blogs, Make it & Love it.

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  1. I bought a ton of FOE with a friend on ebay and I have so much left over, I should send you some. I have made the headbands with loops of ribbon but I find that if you attach a hair clip it is a little floppy so I've just been clipping the flowers or whatever directly onto the headband and it doesn't leave a mark on her head. Aspen has been pulling the headbands off for a while but if I can distract her enough when I first put it on she'll forget about it and leave it alone. The poor girl is still pretty bald in front so I persist.