Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Space

The more I think about this space the more I know it is a place I need for sharing stuff I make, but also definitely for my rambling. I started my first blog (lettieb- which is why this one had to be lettiebee) in 2004. I had no kids and went to work every day. I wrote about random things I watched on TV or ladies slapping each other at work. I could just sort of dump out my brain. I stopped writing there once my son was a year or so old so that I could have a place about our family, since "Lettie" is just me. It's been interesting to watch how my blog evolved into something that really was mostly reporting about what the family is up to. And I miss just having a voice. It's not a voice I want sent in email form to my parents or in-laws (since that is how they read the family blog).I just want to put it here and out of my brain. And maybe someone will read it and relate, but if not, that is fine. At least my mind will have a little more space in it.

All that being said, I do have a mini report on my to-do's, but our computer is on the outs and that is where my photos are. So, I am typing on the laptop, trying very hard not to bump the mouse pad thing because it will take me who knows where. I am very clumsy with a laptop mouse and normally just plug one in. 

Anyway, I know you are the edge of your seat about those 2 blogs I mentioned loving and about how I'm doing (or not) on my "weekend" projects.

It's still coming, but sometime after the computer parts do.
And just merely because I like posts with some kind of picture, I have supplies to make a ton of these muffins. I love them and they freeze well. (Maybe I could pretend that I whipped these up tis week and that I didn't borrow the pic from my 2007 archives)

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  1. Hey I revived my "Just Everyday Me" blog and am posting like we chatted about...Feels good - just what I have been wanting. Hey = I'm making those muffins today - bought buttermilk a bit ago - hope it will still taste good LOL Hope you get your desktop up and running soon :)