Friday, April 13, 2012

Today...and the Rest of the Month

I have two blogs I want to tell you about that I think are just fantastic and make me feel great and inspired (not that jealous/not doing enough feeling blog sometimes do). I will get to that later (hopefully today, but you know me...). 
Instead I was just letting you know that this weekend I am going to try out a few things I have pinned (either by finding myself or seeing on Pinterest first) and I will let you know how they all went.
from The Idea Room
First up, as in as soon as I get off the computer, I will be making these. My old co-worker/friend said they were good and I trust her judgement.
from The Fabled Needle
Also on the to-do list is to be brave enough to make a dress for myself. The bravery is more about how I don't love how I look in dresses these days! I have the fabric and pattern for this one (I love the gray stripes she used, but my fabric is just gray), so it's just a matter of finding a spot big enough in the house to lay it all out. (Oh, and I bought a downloadable pattern online here since it is no longer in print and to buy a regular copy on ebay, etc is super expensive. Unfortunately it means I have to tape all the pieces together which adds to the time. Maybe I should call this a sometimes this week, not weekend project.)
Calypso St Barth dress

I love this dress and think it would be great for summer. I have a tunic pattern I can lengthen to make something similar. I need to hunt down some fabric first though.
from Fave Crafts
Ok, now I can tell I'm just making a list of things I want to make next, because clearly at this point, I couldn't manage all of this in a weekend, and unless I become someone else, not in a week. So let's call it a list for this month! I don't sew for my daughter nearly enough. When I just had boys I thought how awesome it would be to have a girl to sew for and now I have one and I just hit up Target or the thrift store or the amazing hand-me-downs that others have so generously given me. Anyway, this one is made from a pillow case. I don't even have a pillow case to use yet.
from Heaps of Laundry
I want to make one of these small carrying cases (this was actually made by my sister) and use to to put some "busy bag" things in for my littlest. Again, don't have the supplies yet. I have some of the busy bag supplies all ready to go though!
I love cuffs and still want a brown one. I'm not sure on exactly what style yet - it will depend if I use and old belt or new leather. I think I want texture, but not too much other stuff. I plan on using this tutorial for help, though without the massive flowers.)
from Juggling with Kids
And lastly, I think I should mix some of this cloud "dough" up. We have an empty bin right now that used to house their water beads and I think they would love it. Plus, it's been rainy so laying in the sand pile hasn't really been much of an option the past couple of days.
I think this is a manageable list for the rest of the month. I'll have to focus, but I always feel better when I do, not just get ideas.


  1. I LOVE that aqua tunic so I looked it up and maybe it's not available anymore. But they do have the cutest maxi skirt ever for only TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. Maybe I should learn to sew too!

  2. I really like the dress, that looks super cute. Fun to have some projects.