Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Ideas

It was nice out yesterday and the kids wanted to play in the yard. So, I got out my official backyard blanket (made for me by grandma when I graduated from high school) and a pile of books from the library. The kids jumped, looked for bugs and played on the swing set. I got lots of ideas for jewelry that I wish I could make (I really want to learn) and some great sewing and other project ideas while one of my cats hung out nearby. 
I have wanted a few Japanese sewing books for some time now, and luckily they (publishers?) are getting smart and making some in English now. My favorite book I looked through was Simple Modern Sewing. Not that I need to add anymore projects with all the unfinished ones around, but I still had fun gathering ideas.
(And a side is still out of commission. Luckily my husband was able to recover my files on the dying hard drive. Now we just need to get it up and running again.)

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  1. I dream of having a yard one day so we can have these same moments! Thanks for sharing!