Monday, March 15, 2010

The Not Christmas - Christmas PJs

I intended on making both boys a pair of PJs for Christmas, but it just didn't happen. (I was too busy staying up on Christmas eve finishing these.) That's ok, About a month later I finished one set. The second set has yet to be cut out.
I patterned the pants after these sweats that I love, but had gotten too short. Besides not paying attention to which way the fleece stretched before I cut them out, they are money.
 And the shirt was patterned after this shirt. I love this sleeve cut on boys - well, generally, but especially boys. It has a name doesn't it?
And the finished product? I liked it. I am annoyed that I didn't pay attention to the stretch on the pants and the shirt. And the neckline on the shirt...
 Well, I need to work a bit on my copying patterns skills. I sitll like it though and even though I wanted to correct the neck, I have been given the "no" by the one who wears it. At least I have another pair to make to fix my errors. Also, I have a lot of fabric left over. Originally I had bought a pattern, but when I opened it up I about died laughing when I saw how huge a 4T size was. Too bad the ladies sizes make us say - really, I have to go up THAT many sizes for it to fit me?
(Also I promise the only clothes I sew really aren't just PJs and skirts. They are just the easiest!)

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