Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Last Piece - Finally!

 My niece was born almost 18 months ago. I got her bumpers and crib skirt done before she was born. It took me another year to finish her stuffed cat. Six months later, her blanket that I started before she was born(!) is done, I just need to deliver it. Can I just say finishing projects is such a great feeling?!
When I was deciding what to make for her, she said she wanted to keep with the circle theme that was in the room. I showed her some pictures of some blankets that Dana made. She liked that idea.
I added a few different details.
 Circles just stitched,
 satin binding,
 and a furry backside (which I think is the best part!).

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(FYI - The niece I made all of these things for was born with CF. Along with my family, I will be participating in the Great Strides Fundraiser walk  for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. If you are interested in donating, just click on the button above (or on the site)  Anything you can contribute would help. There is more information on the site.)


  1. it's gorgeous colette!
    I love how you stitched the circles too.

  2. Wow! i love your blog! You are so talented and crafty and amazing at sewing. I love all your projects! When do you have time to make all your cute blankets, felt food, clothes...loved the pj's out of your shirts and all the rest of the stuff you do as a mom??? I feel like I am always trying to cook, clean and play...but I want to do projects! I love all your stuff so cute!