Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have made a few crinkle toys for the babies of friends or relatives, but never for my own kiddos. So, a couple months ago I made a crinkle toy with tags. (I had also never made any tagged toys for my babies.)
 My little girl loved the sound of the wipes container, so instead of cereal bags like I used on the others, I cut the square out of the empty wipes wrapper.
I added 12 ribbon/ric-rac pieces along the edges and sandwiched them all together. Then I sewed along the egdes, leaving a small opening to turn it right-side out. 
photo from pjtool.com
People have a lot of methods they use turn things right side out. My trusty tool was given to me by my mom. With hemostats (mine look like those in the picture above) you can actually grab the fabric and pull it through the opening. And then as a bonus, you can close them up and poke them in each corner or the fabric to make sure you get the corners as square as can be.
The top was my favorite silky black with white polka dots.
The backside was some super soft white minky that I had left over from the nursing cover I made.
She has liked it well enough, but I probably should have made it earlier in her life.


  1. My son has 3 "woobies" as he calls them - he is now 4 1/2 yrs old and still insists on sleeping with all 3. Great job on yours!!

  2. Like I previously said, where and when can I buy one. :) For real.