Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Rambling, Perhaps

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I have this problem that maybe you can relate to. One of my very favorite posts I ever read was at Small Notebook. Go read it. Basically it's about not doing anything because you make a tiny task into a huge job. That is me. I laughed as I read the article because I have put off finishing the last touches on a project because I get distracted by some other project I have supplies for and want to start or because I find yet another new fun idea somewhere in one of the many blogs I read.

I collect ideas. Ideas for kid activities (which I blog about with my sister Rachel and my Friend Nicole over at Heaps of Laundry), recipes, sewing projects, craft ideas, and even exercise workouts. You know, the kind in magazines where they promise a better butt in 30 days?

And then I get distracted. I don't try the new activities with my kids, we eat the same things over and over, my mending pile has things in it that have been there for a year, my sewing "to do" list doesn't seem to have an end, I have unused craft supplies using up valuable space, and I certainly do not have a better butt!

So what to do? Keep sitting here looking for new ideas while ignoring the ones I have tucked away in a file? Wait until I have a hard deadline to complete a project? Nah. I don't like those options.

What about working on my projects because I truly enjoy the process and the outcome? (Ok, I really did NOT like trying to correct the tension on my machine for about 30 minutes so that I could repair 2 small holes in my husband's pants last week, but you get the idea.)

What about sewing all those blankets I bought fabric for and get my etsy shop up and running again?

What about planning ahead each week what new activites to do with my kiddos?

I'm actually pretty good with making new recipes, I just need to stop collecting so many more, so I'll just keep up with that one.

And the better butt? Well, I don't know about that, but I did commit to a Red Rocks Relay team, so I'm going to have to bust out my running shoes again.

Those sound like good ideas to me.

I know there are only like 20 people who read this blog and I'm cool with that because I didn't start it for an audience. However, I want to do better here for me and for you. I'm trying to formulate what my objective is now versus when I began. I can't post every day. I know that. But, at least once a week would be nice - get a little consistency going.

And I might go beyond projects. I think of things I want to share and would normally put on my family blog, but I really don't think my dad and father-in-law (even my husband for that matter!) want to read about clothing choices, accessories that I don't understand or whatever I might randomly be thinking about that day. I want to be a little more human here too, which is scary for me. I have been known sometimes as a girl who has a bit of a wall built around her.

Wow, this has gone on longer than I meant, but I just needed to get it out there.So, to totally steal from Nike, now all I need to to is "Just Do It." And like she mentioned in the Small Notebook article, "Today I'm going to keep my work simple."

Can I really do this? I hope so. :)


  1. I am the same way in a lot of aspects of your post here, my blog, my project heap, projects to do with the kids. Minus the new adventures in cooking we're pretty much alike! I want to find the person who completes a project without starting another and find out how they do it! Just remember you can do anything you want to do!

  2. I have so many thoughts on this... I feel exactly the same. Except that I don't EVER post on my crafting blog, I just think about it. Actually everything you mentioned is a pretty big source of personal frustration for me right now - the struggle of focusing, prioritizing, etc. I am excited to see what works for you, but I definitely don't think you should try to blog more regularly for your readers- only for yourself. I just enjoy your projects when they pop up on my reader, like a little bonus. :)