Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Match Striped Pants part 2: The Sock Monkey

Remember like a hundred years ago when I posted striped pants part 1? Well, here's the other gift set I made to match the second pair of pants. This was for one of my favorite friends who had a baby girl (who is now like 5 months old or something - see how awesome I am at keeping this blog updated?!) I actually really like what I did here and I think that is okay to say sometimes. :) A couple of years ago when I bought the monkey fabric below my big plan was to make all these blankets to sell on etsy. I thought I'd make them into sets with mini sock monkeys and they would be a giant hit. I ordered a dozen mini sock monkey kits online and guess what - I didn't make any of them. I started, but they just weren't working, so the kits were in my "to get rid of" pile, until this idea came along!
Totally perfect for making a sock monkey applique. I intentionally went for a sort of rough/frayed look and I loved how it turned out.
Because I like this friend so much I didn't stop at cute monkey kimono. Nope, she got more!
The red fabric on the monkey blanket is super soft. The burp cloth is pretty standard. I always pre-wash my stuff before I give it to people (because you can't return a home made gift, now can you?) but it always makes the diaper of the burp clothes look a little used. Anyone know how to help that?
The whole gift kit set. An actual sock monkey really would have fit in perfectly.

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